30 years of
and service

Unrivalled expertise in lead-acid batteries

Atomic batteries are designed, sourced and distributed by Club Assist Pty Ltd, Australia's leading battery provider with close to 30 years of experience serving motorists with battery and roadside assistance needs.

Market-leaders in
automotive batteries

What sets us apart is our unrivalled technical expertise and battery knowledge, combined with our comprehensive battery range for virtually any brand and model. Ensuring the right battery for your vehicle and offering appropriate battery care advice are priorities. That's why when you purchase an Atomic battery, you are assured of a quality product with top-quality service to match.

Our battery program includes state-of-the-art battery testing equipment and accessories support a quicker diagnosis so you can get back on the road. Service and reliability - anytime, anywhere.

In addition to our industry-leading battery technology, we offer an extensive distribution network built and tested through decades of experience. Our nationwide coverage ensures uninterrupted battery supply in metropolitan or country areas across Australia.

Product quality

Atomic batteries are the battery of choice for the reliability, durability and high-performance they deliver.


Calcium-calcium maintenance free technology

Lower gas emissions which allow the container to be fully sealed. Does not lose water as quickly as non-sealed batteries and is therefore less likely to fail under extreme heat.

Longer shelf life

Batteries can now be stored for up to 32 weeks (in a 25 degree Celsius environment).

Expanded grid technology

Grids are made from a rolling system rather than a hot lead mould which ensures consistent quality.

AGM and EFB technology

Many modern vehicles now require AGM or EFB batteries due to its specific capabilities to support modern vehicle technologies.

Fully sealed containers

Eliminates accidental acid spillage which can be harmful to your  car and the environment.

Magic eye charge indicator

The magic eye tests the specific gravity of one cell which assists the diagnosis of a fully sealed battery.

Fibre reinforced plates

A special tissue is rolled on to the plates which holds active materials in place for greater durability.

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